Our Vision:

To be a welcoming
and inclusive community, sharing God's Kingdom with all.

Important Dates

23rd July
9am Bridge - St Catherine's
12noon Mahjong - St Catherine's

24th July
8.45am OLR Playgroup Kenmore
9am Mass OLR Kenmore
8pm Men Alive Prayer Group
(St Catherines)

25th July

8.30am OLR School Assembly
7pm OLR School Pastoral Board

26th July

9.30am Fairview Home for the Aged Communion Visit
7pm Sustainability Committee

27th July
9am Mass OLR Kenmore

31st July

Altar Server Training Session 1
3.30pm Kenmore

2nd August

Altar Server Training Session 1
3.30pm Kenmore

5th August

Youth & Vocations Expo Brisbane

7th August

Altar Server Training Session 2
3.30pm Kenmore

9th August

Altar Server Training Session 2
3.30pm Kenmore

10th August
Youth Ministry 6pm

Welcome to our website.....

You are very much welcome to our parish website - Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Kenmore-Moggill. Hopefully, your browsing through the website will be enriching and help you familiarise yourself with the different activities of our Parish life. The programmes and services of different groups and ministries in our parish can equally be accessed.

For newcomers to our Parish, we would be pleased if you could approach the information desk in both Churches - Our Lady of the Rosary, Kenmore and St. Catherine’s Moggill to pick up our Parish welcome pack and register your name and family by filling in the form and returning same to the office.

We do have a welcome gathering for all newcomers once a year and we will contact you at the appropriate time. Be assured that we respect your privacy and can only use theinformation you provide to update our register and for easy communication with you as a parishioner.

We are very much committed to working along together in our faith journey, and should you require any assistance from the parish, please feel free to contact the parish office.

God bless,
Fr Mark Franklin - Parish Priest

Community News

1st sessions will take place on Tuesday 31st July and Thursday 2nd August at 3:30pm at the Kenmore Church. Servers will need to come to one of these before serving.  The 2nd training session will take place on Tuesday 7th August and Thursday 9th August 3:30pm at the Kenmore Church.

Event details:  Date: Sunday 5th August 2018    Venue: St. Stephen’s Cathedral Precinct 249 Elizabeth St, Brisbane QLD
Time: 11:00am Stalls Open                   
12pm Mass with Archbishop Mark
1pm – 2:30pm 2018 Vocations and Youth Expo

Until further notice, we are trialling changed office hours with the Parish Office open from 8:30am to 12:30pm Monday to Friday.  We apologise for any inconvenience and welcome your feedback during this trial. After hours you are welcome to contact either Fr Mark or the Parish Manager on their mobiles.  For urgent Pastoral needs call Fr Mark on 0418 785 440.  For administration matters call Michael Finch on 0452 618 278.
OLR Church and Chapel will continue to be open on weekdays from 8:30am to 4:00pm - excluding Public Holidays..

The 2nd Scripture course will be First Corinthians which deals with divisions in the believing community at Corinth and the harm that they inflict on 'the body of Christ.' Paul also deals with many individual ethical problems in the community of which he has become aware through letters and contacts. Paul instructs the community concerning true wisdom; the sin of idolatry; the Lord's Supper; the role of God's ministers; the supreme importance of love; gifts of the Spirit; and the nature of the resurrection. The community of Corinth could easily be our own - struggling for unity in the midst of conflict, and discovering weaknesses and strengths. In this study, Paul invites you to find unity in the Gospel message.  Cost for the study course is $15 each person.
Please register your interest by calling the Parish Office or email kenmore@bne.catholic.net.au
NEXT COURSE STARTS on Thursday 23rd August 9:30am at the OLR Church Meeting Room

Plenary Council 2020 – Listen to what the Spirit is saying.

Pope Francis has approved the Australian Bishops’ decision to hold a Plenary Council in Australia in 2020 and 2021. It is a significant moment for the Church in Australia to make decisions about the future. To prepare the agenda for the Plenary Council, all of God’s people are invited to reflect on the question: “What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?” Find out more about the Plenary Council 2020 at the new website, now online:

Download the Message from Pope Francis here

Our last Youth Formation Night will be held on Friday 10th August at 6pm at Kenmore Church Meeting Room.  All welcome to attend.  If you have not been to a meeting yet and you would like to be part of the YOUTH Leadership Group please contact Fr Mark 0418 785 440 or email pp.kenmore@bne.catholic.au

‘Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility’ - Pope’s message lays foundation for new safeguarding strategy 2018 - 2020. Pope Francis’s call for “zero tolerance” towards sexual abuse has underpinned a new safeguarding strategy across the Archdiocese of Brisbane. Archbishop Mark Coleridge said Pope Francis’s words were an important factor in the Archdiocese’s design of a strategy that will apply to all ministries and services for the next three years. This strategy focuses upon the 3P’s of Safeguarding: Safe People, Safe Practices & Safe Places, along with the foundation principle that ‘safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility’. The Archdiocese’s new strategy applies to all church personnel including bishops, clergy, religious, employees, contractors and volunteers across all parishes, ministries, agencies and services.

The Archdiocese encourages Church workers and the community to raise concerns about abuse or other safeguarding issues within the Church. Concerns can be raised with the Office for Safeguarding Services or via the independent and confidential STOPLine service. The Safeguarding Service can be contacted on 07 3324 3752 or safeguarding@bne.catholic.net.au. The STOPLine service can be contacted on 1300 304 550 or AOB@stopline.com.au. Anonymous reports can be made to the STOPLine service. Face-to-face Safeguarding Training recommended mainly for those engaged with children and vulnerable adults. More information can be found in the current newsletter.

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