Our Vision:

To be a welcoming
and inclusive community, sharing God's Kingdom with all.

Important Dates

13th August
9am Bridge - St Catherine's
12noon Mahjong - St Catherine's

14th August
8.45am OLR Playgroup Kenmore
9am Mass OLR Kenmore
9.30am Communion Visitation -
Carinity Home
8pm Men Alive Prayer Group
(St Catherines)

15th August

EKKA Public Holiday
9am Mass OLR Kenmore
5pm Mass St Catherine's Moggil

16th August

8.30am Mass St Catherine's
7pm Maranatha Prayer Group
Kenmore Chapel

17th August
9am Mass OLR Kenmore

19th August
11am Plenary Council Committee meeting
3pm Walk of Faith at Moggill
Parish Family BBQ after 5.30pm OLR Mass

Welcome to our website.....

You are very much welcome to our parish website - Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Kenmore-Moggill. Hopefully, your browsing through the website will be enriching and help you familiarise yourself with the different activities of our Parish life. The programmes and services of different groups and ministries in our parish can equally be accessed.

For newcomers to our Parish, we would be pleased if you could approach the information desk in both Churches - Our Lady of the Rosary, Kenmore and St. Catherine’s Moggill to pick up our Parish welcome pack and register your name and family by filling in the form and returning same to the office.

We do have a welcome gathering for all newcomers once a year and we will contact you at the appropriate time. Be assured that we respect your privacy and can only use theinformation you provide to update our register and for easy communication with you as a parishioner.

We are very much committed to working along together in our faith journey, and should you require any assistance from the parish, please feel free to contact the parish office.

God bless,
Fr Mark Franklin - Parish Priest

Community News

All Parishioners are invited to the walk at Moggill. The walk takes us from St Catherine’s to the nearby Churches and back to St Catherine’s for afternoon tea. Please join other churches on this walk to witness our Christian faith.

In the coming weeks we will hear from Steven Bird the Safeguarding rep regarding changes in the policy requirements for Parish Volunteers. In the meantime I have asked Michele Rienecker to help as a Volunteer, to complete an audit of the current files for all our volunteers and to ensure that all have the correct paperwork for the role they undertake in the Parish. This will assist Steven, myself and the safeguarding committee to move towards full compliance by the end of the year.

First Corinthians deals with divisions in the believing community at Corinth and the harm that they inflict on 'the body of Christ.' In this study, Paul invites you to find unity in the Gospel message.  Cost for the study course is $15 each person. Please register your interest by calling the Parish Office or email kenmore@bne.catholic.net.au

This year we are inviting registered participants with Facebook to contribute to an online group discussion. We recognise that parishioners not able to participate in the study may still have an interest, therefore all parishioners with Facebook are invited to also join the group to see what the study is about. Follow the link below or contact the Parish Office to be invited. https://www.facebook.com/groups/olrstudy

TUESDAY 21st August 6.30pm at the OLR Church Meeting Room
THURSDAY 23rd August 9.30am at the OLR Church Meeting Room

Plenary Council 2020 – Listen to what the Spirit is saying.

The Plenary Council 2020 is a gathering of the Church in Australia to make decisions for the future. Your voice is important. All people are invited to contribute to the Plenary Council agenda by sharing your experience of faith and of the Church. Go to the website to have your say.

This month, the Over 50's Group will be getting together in the OLR Meeting Room at 10 am on Tuesday August 21 for a short meeting followed by a morning tea. Please bring a plate of suitable goodies to share with the group while we strengthen friendships and discuss current happenings in this world of ours.

We look forward to your company on the day. If you are new to the parish and meet the above criteria, we would love to meet you. You are most welcome.

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